As, Sonkar Cooling Systems Ltd.; we have been providing continuous services by our strong history, successful sales network and comprehensive knowledge of the heating and cooling sector. Since the day of foundation, we have implemented several investments and spent all our efforts to manufacture environment-friendly products with low power consumption without compromising high-quality. Mission & Vision MAINTAINING SUCCESS OF OUR CUSTOMERS PROVIDING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION BEYOND THE EXPECTATIONS OF OUR CUSTOMERS PRESENTING HIGH-QUALITY, RELIABLE AND LONG-LASTING PRODUCTS PROVIDING SOCIAL, ECONOMICAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF OUR SOCIETY Our Vision As Sonkar Sogutma, we desire to become the first and permanent choice of our local and global customers for sustainable success and continuous development and present them high-quality and healthy products which they will use reliably. Our Objectives OUR FUNDAMENTAL VALUES – OBJECTIVES: Customer Satisfaction Low Power Consumption High-Quality Fast Service and On-time Delivery High-quality Products and Services Accurate Information Productivity Problem Free Operation and Minimum Maintenance Costs Clean and Habitable World by Environment Friendly Products

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